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Virginia Divorce, va divorce, divorce in va, virginia divorce, lawyer, custody lawyer, va lawyerThis Site Provides the Most In-depth Explanation of Virginia Family Law Available Online Including:

  • Virginia Divorce: For an explanation of Virginia divorce laws and court procedures, visit the special section.
  • Virginia Child Custody: Child custody in Virginia is decided based on the “best interest of the child” standard and the factors listed in Virginia’s child custody law.  For more information on Virginia law regarding child custody and visitation, read our Child Custody page.
  • Virginia Child Support: Child support is calculated based on the Virginia Child Support Guidelines. You can find more information about Virginia child support, in our special section.
  • Virginia Spousal Support: Virginia divorce law does not have a formula for Spousal Support (alimony). Judges in Virginia divorce cases must decide how much spousal support must be paid  based on a list of  factors set out in the Virginia divorcelaw. For more information about spousal support in Virginia, visit our Spousal Support section.
  • Virginia Adoption: Read an explanation of Virginia adoption law and procedure.

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* Virginia Divorce, Virginia Child Custody, Child Support and Juvenile Justice:

This site contains information concerning divorce, child custody, child support, juvenile delinquency, adoption and adult guardianship.  The information includes an explanation of the Virginia procedures for getting a divorce, awarding child custody, and fixing the amount of support.  


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