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CHINS – Child(ren) In Need Of Services

CHINS (Services) (16.1-278.4)

In cases of children in need of services, the judge has the power to order the following remedies at disposition:

  1. Require a public agency to provide particular services to the child or the child’s family.
  2. Permit the child to remain with his or her parent(s) subject to conditions or limitations.
  3. Order the parent with whom the child is living to participate in programs, cooperate in treatment or comply with conditions and limitations that the court specifies.
  4. In the case of a child over fourteen who is not able to benefit from further schooling, excuse the child from compulsory school attendance or allow the child to be employed.
  5. Permit social services or a public agency to place the child in suitable family homes, child caring-institutions, residential facilities, or independent living arrangements but with legal custody remaining with the parents or guardians.
  6. Transfer legal custody to any of the following: (a) A relative or other person who is qualified to care for the child, (b) A child welfare agency or private group, (c) The local board of public welfare or social services.
  7. Require the child to participate in a public service project under such conditions as the court prescribes.

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