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Juvenile Justice Resource Book

Fully updated as of July 1, 2005 by Dawn Young

with most recent entry February 13, 2008

Pembroke Corporate Center III

4452 Corporation Lane

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

Tel: (757) 518-2757

Fax: (757) 518-2641

The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health operates this broad-based program on topics such as tobacco, consequences of unprotected sex, abstinence-based pregnancy prevention programming. Contact Persons:  Sandy Swanson, P.H.N. (757) 518-2758.
Virginia Beach Department of Human Services

Tel: (757) 437-3200

Confidential assistance is available. Contact the Department to inquire for an appointment.
Pembroke One, Suite 400

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: (757) 499-1443

An adjunct to the Alcoholics Anonymous program, these are groups for the friends, relatives, and children of alcoholics.

4968 Euclid Road

Suite C-1

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: (757) 490-3980

Like all Alcoholics Anonymous programs, the group meets to work the 12-step system for recovering alcoholics and provides sponsors to help the recovering alcoholic along the way. There are also groups for the friends, relatives, and children of alcoholics and, for information on them, see “AL-ANON” in this directory.
Director, Ann Phillips

718 20th Street #7

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

Tel: (757) 428-4001

Apartments for Independent Living is operated by the Tidewater Regional Group Home Commission for youths in the average range of 16 to 20 years old who are unable to return home for a variety of reasons and need help in achieving their independence. It may in some cases admit older or younger individuals. Referrals are typically made by social workers, probation or parole officers. The youths may be unable to live at home because of physical abuse, sexual abuse, conflict with parents, or other reasons. They live two to an apartment, and receive assistance finding employment and finishing school. Some qualify to receive a stipend of $563 per month, from which they are taught to deduct their rent payments, grocery bills, telephone bills, and other expenses.
Family Advocacy Program

Building 522

Ft. Story, Virginia 23459

Tel: (757) 422-7311

Family Advocacy Program provides marriage and budget counseling. Also offers parenting classes on an as-needed basis to military personnel and spouses. Contact Person is Denise Mings or Mary Stahlman. Army Emergency Relief – provides emergency financial assistance including food and diapers.

Back 2 Basics

Back 2 Basics is for adolescents who are currently pregnant or has a child under the age of 4.
The program provides supervision and training for up to 3 adolescents and their children. It is a place where the resident can start to take steps in building a future for themselves and their child. ?This program offers training in Independent Living Skills using the Peak Mastery Independent Living Curriculum. ?
Through participation in the program adolescent mothers will receive training in the following areas:
1. Money management and consumer awareness

2. Food management

3. Personal appearance

4. Social skills

5. Health/sexuality

6. Housekeeping

7. Transportation

8. Educational planning/career planning

9. Job-seeking skills

10. Job maintenance skills

11. Emergency and safety skills

12. Knowledge of community resources

13. Interpersonal skills/social relationships

14. Legal skills

15. Leisure activities

16. Housing
Mrs. S. Highsmith- Program Director
5303 Orinda Drive
Richmond, Virginia, 23223
Phone: (804) 326-9430
Fax: (804) 326-9430
Email- shighsmithpd@back2basicsgrouphome.com



City Wide Program Office

2289 Lynnhaven Parkway

Virginia Beach, VA

Tel: (757) 385-0400

The Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation Department is the second largest municipal child-care provider in State of Virginia. It operates before and after school care programs at 54 elementary and 5 middle schools. Children may be dropped off as early as 6:30 a.m. at A elementary schools and 7:00 a.m. at B elementary schools and picked up as late as 6:00 p.m.  The children are supervised in working on their home work and in physical activities on school grounds.

The before- school cost is $52 every two weeks per child and the after-school cost is $68 every two weeks per child.
929 Ventures Way, Suite 108

Chesapeake, VA 23320

Tel: 757-549-7437

Fax: 757-549-7646

Mentoring program that matches interested adults with children in need of a role model. All adult volunteers are screened before being matched. Current capacity is 300 children and there is a waiting list. Will work with other agencies. Contact: Lisa Cook, Executive Director.

Tel: (757) 489-0222

Fax: (757) 889-5975

24-Hr Hotline: 1-800-550-4900

Provides crisis pregnancy assistance: pregnancy tests; clothing; housing; employment; prenatal information; information on adoption.

13805 Village Mill Drive-Suite B

Midlothian, Virginia 23114

Tel: (804) 378-9006

Fax: (804) 378-2012

URL: www.Blackwateroutdoor-ahc.com

Run by Director David Ayers, this licensed intensive outpatient program is for children, adolescents, and families. Participants, grouped by ages, learn to confront fears and limitations while white water rafting, canoeing, rafting, rock-climbing, caving, backpacking, cross-country skiing, and mountain-biking. Experiences are scheduled year round and each trip is limited to eight participants.

Most participants under 18 go on adventures to West Virginia and Canada during the summer months. Young people aged 18 through 26 go on excursions year-round.

The program allows participants to share important thoughts and feelings, meet and get along with other people in a cooperative effort, and grow while having fun. Experiences last from 10 to 21 days and are conducted at various locations including Virginia, West Virginia, Canada, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, and Africa. Local trips go to the wilderness of the Allegheny Mountains, the Cheat River and its tributaries, and Seneca Rocks. The experiences are supervised by a team of professionals, including a medical doctor specializing in adolescent medicine, licensed clinical psychologists, social workers and an educational consultant.

The cost is $1,900 for 10-day trips, $3,100 for 14-day trips, and $4,400 for 21-day trips, regardless of destination. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Limited scholarships are available through Wilderness Alternatives, Inc.



NORFOLK, VA 23504-1419

Tel: (757) 640-0929

Fax: (757) 622-8932

The acronym CANDII stands for Children’s Aids Network Designed for Interfaith Involvement. The CANDII program is a support organization linking families who have children living with the HIV virus with others who want to help. CANDII offers (1) play and preschool education in a loving, safe environment (allowing a break for the child’s parent or caregiver), (2) help with transportation to and from clinic appointments, daycare, and special events, (3) hospital visits by volunteers, and (4) matching with a volunteer who attends to the child and provides opportunities that cannot be given by the parent or caregiver.

Branch Executive Quarter

Carpe Diem of Virginia

3500 Tejo Lane

Chesapeake, VA 23321


Tel: (757) 638-5500

Fax: (757) 638-7740

Family Focus at Carpe Diem works with at-risk youth and families using child-centered and family-focused in-home services that are designed to meet the individual and unique needs of at-risk youth and their families. Family Focus stresses the importance of family, community, school and religious supports, in a “strengths-based” approach stressing the importance of cultural diverseness. Intake is by referral from social service agencies – the agencies bear the cost. Referrals from all Tidewater jurisdictions are accepted. Contact: John C. Faircloth, ACSW, Executive Director, or Nerissa Rhodes (638-0232), In-Home Program Director.
Carpe Diem also provides specialized foster care for children and teenagers who, because of their behavior or physical problems cannot be managed in their homes. They are placed with specially trained foster parents who can provide treatment services as well as a home environment. They are licensed for up to 35 children and have no waiting list at this writing. Eliot Faircloth (222-6719) is the Program Director.

4855 Princess Anne Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: (757) 467-7707

Fax: (757) 495 3206

Provides pregnancy counseling for individuals and families. Court referrals are accepted. Funding is provided by the United Way and from fees. A Family Enrichment Program teaches parenting and sex education including a preparation for marriage course that is offered 19 times a year and marriage enrichment. They also have support groups that meet monthly for (1) caregivers (including a group for grandparents who are raising grandchildren), (2) persons suffering bereavement, (3) victims of domestic violence, and (4) survivors of suicide meet once a month. In addition, they offer consumer credit counseling including debt management, budget counseling, and general financial education. The fees for counseling services are negotiable and some program components are free. The counseling program is accepted by most commercial insurance, but not most HMO’s. Locations: 3804 Poplar Hill Road, Suite A, Chesapeake, VA 23321 484-0703; 1301 Colonial Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23517 625-2568; and 4855 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 467-7707.
233 North Witchduck Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: (757) 473-5038

Operated by the Virginia Beach Public Schools Department, CEL offers instruction, intervention and counseling to middle school students who: were performing below standards at their home school, or had behavior or attendance problems at their home school. Special education students may be admitted into self-contained classes. At-risk students are grouped together in the AT-RISK program, which focuses on specific behavioral characteristics typical of the group.

CEL offers the four basic subjects – language, math, social studies, science – as well as health, teen living, technology and art. Academic classes are small and structured. Counseling is emphasized.

Students are not permitted to drive to school. Students ride the bus from their neighborhood to their home school, then they ride a shuttle bus to CEL. After school, they are transported directly home by the bus serving their area.

A student will be enrolled in CEL for a minimum of 18 weeks and may exit at the end of a semester. Average stay is one to one and a half years. Eligibility for exit depends on the student achieving acceptable school behavior.
916 Centerville Turnpike

Chesapeake, Virginia 23322

Tel: (757) 482-4744

Centerville Group Home (CGH) is operated by the Tidewater Regional Group Home Commission. It is a co-ed facility which serves up to 12 youth. The program offers a nurturing, home-like environment wherein the staff builds a trusting relationship with each youth. In the course of developing this relationship, their goal is to teach these youth and their families how to manage their own environment. CGH accomplishes this by teaching skills in socialization, values and decision making. Family counseling is offered to both biological and foster families. Individual and group counseling are used to develop self-expression and a team atmosphere. Youth who cannot return to their families are prepared for independent living or foster home placement. Outreach services are provided to the family and youth to assist in the transitional phase. All youth attend Chesapeake Public Schools.

Youth served are male and female, 13-17 years of age, able to attend public school grade 6-12, and able to function in a group living situation. Funded by Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. Financial Information: Title XX vendor $124.93 per day, and Monthly Allowance of $162 provided if referred by social service agency.

For admissions information: call Jerry Stringfield, Director. Mail Centerville application with social history and psychological in advance of interview.

5690 Greenwich Road

Suite 100

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: (757) 497-7474

Fax: (757) 497-0868

Email: ucpofva@pilot.infi.net

United Cerebral Palsy of Southern & Central Virginia is a non-profit organization serving children and adults with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. In addition to its work as an advocacy organization, UCP provides information and referrals. UCP operates a summer computer camp with eight one-week sessions. UCP also operates a strengthening and exercise program for adolescents and adults. Held five times a year, the eight-week program run by a licensed physical therapist provides instruction in the use of hydraulic exercise equipment. UCP also sponsors a Teen Advocacy Committee comprising teenagers with and without disabilities. The group meets monthly to discuss advocacy issues and holds social events.

920 Minuteman Road

Chesapeake, Virginia 23323

Tel: (757) 485-5720

Operated by the Tidewater Regional Group Home Commission, the primary mission of Chesapeake Boy’s Home is to provide a climate in which responsible and mature behavior can be learned and practiced to enable residents to live productively within the law. The family and resident are involved in an ongoing training process to alleviate present difficulties and promote healthier relationships. A treatment plan with specific behavioral goals is developed for the resident and family or surrogate family. Residents attend the Chesapeake Alternative School and a local junior high school and high school. Once the residential phase is completed, continuing assistance is provided the former resident and family through an active outreach program. Average length of stay is 4 to 6 months.

Youth served are male, 13-17 years of age, delinquent, dependent, neglected or a status offender. Must be court-referred and on probation. Funding by: Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. Contact Patricia Flax-Jankosky. Pre-placement visit required. Documents required are: application for admission, placement agreement, physical exam report, social history and school records.



1805 Airline Blvd.

Portsmouth, VA 23707

Tel: (757) 397-3311

Fax: (757) 399 3316

Private, non-profit organization offering family support services. These include (1) therapeutic foster care, (2) “Good Beginnings” child abuse prevention program, (3) individual, marital, and family counseling, (4) consumer credit counseling, (5) independent living program for teens 16-18 years of age.

There is no cost for good beginnings and consumer credit counseling. Fees for psychological counseling are on a sliding scale.



Tel: (757) 437-3200

Confidential investigation if a report is made of suspected child abuse or neglect.

Assistance programs are also available through the Virginia Beach Department of Social Services. Call for further information on:

Child Support Enforcement Programs

The Department of Social Services locates absent responsible parents of dependent children and works toward establishing, monitoring, and enforcing support orders. It has the administrative authority to execute orders for: wage withholding, attachment of assets, withholding tax refunds, seizure and sale of personal property, foreclosures of real property to satisfy child support obligations.

Benefit Programs

Local departments of social services in each county and city administer benefit programs supported by federal, state and local funds. Benefit programs include:

*Aid to Dependent Children (ADC)

*Aid to Dependent Children-Foster Care (ADC-FC)

*Medical Assistance (Medicaid)

Services Programs

In addition to benefit payments, local social service agencies offer a wide variety of services to meet social needs. Service Programs include:

*Adoption Services

*Child Protective Services

*Day Care Services for Children

*Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, & Treatment (EPSDT)

*Family Planning Services

*Foster Care

Child Abuse Program

935 Redgate Avenue

Norfolk, VA 23507

Tel: (757) 668-6100

Extended Forensic Intervention; Forensic interviews


224 Great Bridge Blvd

Chesapeake, VA 23320

Tel:(757) 547-9334

Provides assessment services, emergency services, mental health services, community support services, substance abuse services and prevention services.


248 W. Bute Street

Norfolk, VA 23510

Tel: (757) 441-5300

Provides assessment services, emergency services, mental health services, community support services, substance abuse services and prevention services.


P.O. Box 7510

Camp Pendleton

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23458-7510

Tel: (757) 491-5932, 491-5933, (800) 796-6472

Fax: (757) 491-5934

Secure Voice: (757) 368-0101

A teenage, high school drop out faces some difficult realities. The Virginia National Guard’s “Commonwealth ChalleNGe Program” offers a way to help prepare these youth for some of those challenges: a 22-week leadership training experience that develops self-discipline, motivations, and teamwork; a place to live, three meals a day plus an educational stipend upon completion of the resident phase. While attending, youth have the opportunity to earn a GED and learn employability skills. Qualified youth must be: 16 to 18 years old, a high school drop out, drug free, mentally and physically capable to participate in the program, not currently serving parole or probation, not currently under indictment or felony charge, not convicted of a felony offense, and must be a VA resident.

Maynard K. Bean, Colonel, directs the program, with assistance from a staff of 41. The Virginia National Guard is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunity for all personnel and applicants regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or handicap. Contact your local National Guard, High School Principal or Guidance Counselor, or 1-800-796-6472, ext. 233 or 255. There is no fee for this program.


Virginia Beach CASA Program

Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

Tel: (757) 426-5616

A CASA volunteer is a citizen who has been specially trained to help children who have suffered abuse or neglect. CASA volunteers advocate in court as “the voice of the child” when decisions are made about the child’s future. They provide the judge with background information on the child, and they provide the child with explanations and encouragement during changing and often confusing situations which the child encounters. They make recommendations regarding whether it is in the child’s best interest to stay in the home or be placed elsewhere, and for how long. Contact person is Director Edith Duggan, 426-5616.


811 – 13th Street

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

Tel: (757) 422-4521

FAX: (757) 422-4775

Crisis Intervention Home (CIH) is a private, non-profit, pre-dispositional group home. It provides 24-hour intake for up to 12 male and female youths. CIH offers an intensive, short-term crisis intervention program designed to stabilize youths and their families and help them clarify and resolve crisis situations. The goal is to prevent further involvement with the court system and to offer an alternative to detention for youths in crisis. The staff assist each youth in recognizing his ability to gain control over his own life. CIH has an in-house school program with a state certified teacher for those who have difficulty in the public school system. Type of child served: Male or female, 13-17 years of age, able to live in a group home setting and attend public school. CIH is funded and licensed by the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. Children are referred by local court service units and social service agencies. Priority is given to Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and the Fifth District. The per diem is normally paid by the referring agencies although sometimes parents may be required to cover at least some of the cost. The director is Ginger Ploeger.

Virginia Beach

522 South Independence Blvd.

Suite 101

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Tel: (757) 499-4965

Fax: (757) 499 1370

814 West Constance Rd.

Suffolk, VA 23434

Tel: (757) 925 6596

5000 Portsmouth Blvd.

Suite 1

Portsmouth, VA 23701

Tel: (757) 488-7907

This is a non-profit Christian ministry providing pregnancy counseling and assistance at no cost. Services include, free pregnancy testing plus counseling regarding the options of abortion, adoption, and single parenting. Educational services include the “Pregnant-What-Now” program of education designed to prepare women for motherhood. Distributes baby-care items to program participants. Also offers post-abortion counseling and abstinence education in two formats, one religious and the other secular.

Help line:(757) 499-4444

Virginia Beach Department of Social Services

Tel: (757) 437-3200

In certain cases, this assistance is available. Contact the Department to inquire for an appointment.




289 Independence Blvd.

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

Tel: (757) 437-6200

Access to a variety of programs is easily arranged by calling 437-6200 and making an appointment to meet with a counselor.

- Mental Health Assessment;

- Treatment Planning;

- Play Therapy, Individual & Group Therapy, Family Therapy;

- Psychiatric Medication Evaluation;

- Prescription and Medication Management;

- Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse Treatment Programs;

- Juvenile Sex Offender Evaluation and Treatment Program; – - – Educational Programs

- Case Management and Resource Coordination;

- State Hospital Discharge Planning and Follow-up.

- Anger Management for teenage males;

- Coping Skills for children in grades 1 – 12;

- Sex Offenders Group for teenage males;

24-HOUR EMERGENCY HELP is available at Pembroke 3 Building, Suite 138, Tel. 437-6150, for crisis interventions. It provides crisis therapy and consultation and makes referrals through civil commitment process to psychiatric hospitalization as necessary.


4502 Starkey Rd., S.W.

Roanoke, VA 24014

Tel: (540) 989-7355

Fax: (540) 772 6930

Residential therapeutic foster care for individuals aged 0-21, with emotional, physical, behavioral problems or handicaps. Cannot serve those with history of arson, chronic runaways, actively psychotic, drug/alcohol addicted, or with significant criminal behavior. Capacity is 200. The agency has offices in Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Christiansburg and Abbington. Referrals are through local social services agencies.


Ecumenical Family Shelter, Inc.

P.O. Box 6194

Norfolk, VA 23508

Tel: (757) 624-9879

Fax: (757) 622-4894

Offers short-term shelter (up to 45 days) for homeless families; offers support services, counseling, information and referral, assistance in finding housing. Cannot accept convicted felons and clients must be referred by any area social services or clergy.


8003 Franklin Farms Drive

Suite 100

Richmond, VA 23229

Tel: (804) 287 1007

Toll Free: (866) 874-4153

Fax: (804) 287 1008

Provides information and referral to families with special needs children. Sponsors summer camping programs for special needs children.


P.O. Box 99

Goochland, Virginia 23063

Tel: (804) 457 4866

Fax: (804) 457 2830

Elk Hill has a residential program, a special education school, family counseling, an adventure challenge program, an aftercare program, and a day treatment program. Halfway between Richmond and Charlottesville, Elk Hill sits on a 200-acre campus that has an educational and recreational facility, a vocational center, five cottages and an administrative office building. Its mission is to provide a second chance, often the last chance, for young men between age 11 and 18 from all across Virginia to rebuild their lives. Most have acute educational, legal or emotional problems that show up in the form of delinquency, truancy, violence and disrespect for authority. They are given the academic, vocational, behavioral and life skills they need to redirect their lives. Elk Hills capacity as of May 1999 will be 50 persons.

Elk Hill Farms also provides day treatment and education at its Goochland Campus and at Elk Hill Varina which is in Eastern Enrico County. Referrals are made by child service agencies, judges, social workers, probation officers, school psychologists, mental health professionals, and special education personnel. Through private funds, Elk Hill is also able to accept a number of young men who are in need and on a waiting list for public assistance.

Dr. George Giacobbe, a special education professor at VCU, has tracked the lives of Elk Hill graduates and determined that the success rate in treating troubled youth is 81%. (Elk Hill: A Successful Residential Treatment Program for Young Men, by Dr. George A. Giacobbe & Elaine Traynelis-Yirek, G&T Press, 1993.) Contact: Malinda Tiffany, Admissions Coordinator at (804) 784-4392.

Tel: (757) 468-4669

This wilderness adventure program offers adventure-based counseling focusing on self-esteem, coping skills, and trust. The program allows participants to learn how to confront fears and limitations through rafting, rock climbing, canoeing, biking, backpacking, and other challenges. Experiences are supervised by a team of professionals in several locations both within Virginia and outside the state. Court referrals from Tidewater area cities. Can be paid by government funds including the Comprehensive Services Act. Contact: Bob Callahan or Shawn Callahan at 468-4669. Website: www.encompass-adventure.com

Pembroke Office Park, Pembroke Six, Suite 129

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

Tel: (757) 437-6088

Operated by the city’s department of mental health, Families Together is a Medicaid-reimbursed program for children ages 7 and under who are affected by parental substance abuse. Consumers not eligible for Medicaid will be charged on a sliding scale according to income and number of dependents. The children are assessed to determine needed medical, psychiatric, social, educational and other support services. Case management is provided. Contact person is Krista Ball (437-5790).


Municipal Center – Juvenile Court Services Unit

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

Tel: (757) 427-4426

FANS is a program that assists persons victimized by family violence. It is administered through the Court Services Unit by professionally trained volunteers known as FANS advocates. FANS advocates help victims of family violence understand the judicial system and guide victims to appropriate City and State services, including shelter and Family Counseling

FANS advocates remain in touch with abuse victims, encouraging their sense of safety and reinforcing their decisions. FANS coordinates a weekly support group. Victims network and gain strength from each other during efforts to eliminate violence from their lives.

Virginia Beach Department of Human Services

Tel: (757) 437-3200

Confidential assistance is available. Contact the Department to inquire for an appointment.

12 Salter’s Creek Road

Suite 200

Hampton, VA 23661

Tel: 757 247 3502

Fax: 757 247 1302

Family Preservation Services, Inc., has its corporate office in Fredericksburg and field offices in 10 localities across the state, including Tidewater. Its slogan, “Focused on Families,” reflects its philosophy: “to empower families.” Programs include:

* Adolescent Sex Offender Treatment — A combination of home-based and therapeutic services beginning with a 30-day assessment by a licensed therapist. Parents participate in sessions with the youth and therapist, and group sessions are also held with both a licensed therapist and a FPS family counselor as co-leaders. Youths referred to this program must have either Court or Department of Social Services involvement.

* Aftercare (“Reconnections”) — Intensive home-based services to facilitate transitions from a hospital, learning center, detention home, foster or residential care setting. Individual treatment plans are developed in conjunction with the referring agency and the family. FPS counselors guide youth and also act as advocates in dealing with other agencies.

* Chemical Dependency Counseling (“New Visions”) — For chemically dependent adolescents and their families.

* Counseling — Family-focused counseling program elements include: Response to referrals within 24 hours; treatment goals defined collaboratively; weekly reports to referring agency; counselors on-call 24-hours a day.

* Early Intervention (“Turning Point”) — Treatment for first time adolescent offenders with three components: Day treatment, mentors, and home-based counseling.

* Independent Living Skills — Curriculum covers job-seeking skills, resume writing, interviewing, money management, communication, decision-making, interpersonal relationships, budgeting, time management, comparison shopping, meal-planning, household management, health, hygiene, and leisure activities.

* Mentors — Program provides an array of para-professional and practical services such as in-home respite, role modeling, skill building, transportation, independent living skills, recreational and social activities, behavior management, and group activities. They are individualized to target individual needs, and can be used in conjunction with other services.


3432 Virginia Beach Blvd.

Tel: (757) 437-3490

Operated by the Virginia Beach Department of Social Services, Fathers in Training (FIT) is committed to strengthening families by providing fathers with the tools to be effective and motivated parents. The program helps participants with anger management, conflict resolution skills, and effective communication as well as parenting skills. Group counseling sessions and other presentations emphasize dignified human interaction and address domestic violence, the role of Child Protective Services, and other issues. Participants must be a father, father-to-be, or acting in a paternal role. The child, the participant, or the child’s mother must reside in Virginia Beach and the participant cannot have any history of child sexual abuse. The program has a capacity of 60 active participants and has a waiting list. The program is open for business from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and has evening hours until 9:00 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. There is no charge for this service. Point of Contact: Ron Bak at 437-3560 or Brian Hawkins at 437-3490.


927 South Birdneck Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Tel: (757) 385-2875

Fax: (757) 437-4921

The Juvenile Fire Setter Program, administered by the Virginia Beach Fire Department, is designed to serve children in the 4 to 13 year old range who have a history of fire-setting. Children 14 and older may be scheduled in some cases (i.e., mentally challenged children or children whose intellectual functioning does not equate to their chronological age). Referrals are received from a variety of sources including mental health, police, schools, parents, courts, firefighters, and fire investigators.

The program works on a highly individualized basis, not in a group setting. Each child’s case is treated privately. The three primary goals of the program are: educating the child and family to the consequences of fire setting; motivation determination; and referral as appropriate for continued intervention/treatment. In cases where the fire setting is deemed to be a symptom of a deeper problem as opposed to simple experimentation or curiosity, referrals to mental health will be made. If the child is already under mental health care, contact with the provider will be made to coordinate proceedings.

The length of time in the program varies from child to child, but is normally from two to three sessions, each lasting approximately two hours. In addition to the consequences of fire play, the program includes topics such as dealing with peer pressure, assuming personal responsibility for one’s actions, learning alternative behaviors, understanding the law, and fire and burn awareness/prevention. Appointments are usually in the late afternoons to accommodate parent’s and children’s schedules.

Contact: Keith Arnold, Supervisor Life Safety Education at the above phone number or by e-mail at karnold@vbgov.com


131-D View Street


Tel: (757) 587-4202,


4000 Colley Avenue

Norfolk, VA 23508

Tel: (757) 622-6400

Fax: (757) 622-3837

Operates a shelter for homeless families. They offer emergency housing, transitional housing, and permanent housing programs. A motivated person can go from homelessness to home ownership in three years with their help. They also operate a landscaping business, “Gardening Angels” in which former residents can work to supplement their incomes with the money going straight to their landlord or utility provider. Thalyor McCormick is the Executive Director.

Virginia Beach Department of Social Services

Tel: (757) 437-3200

Confidential assistance is available. Contact the Department to inquire for an appointment.

P.O. Box 5001

Concordville, Pennsylvania 19331

Tel. 1-800-441-2064 (Admissions)

1-610-459-8100 (Switchboard)

The Glen Mills Schools is a residential facility near Philadelphia which exclusively serves adjudicated adolescent male delinquents. Candidates must be 15 to 18 with an IQ of 80 or higher. Glen Mills is prepared for hard-core aggressive, hostile young men and socially maladjusted youth. The emotionally disturbed or psychotic youth is not acceptable, nor are youths with fire-setting or self-destructive histories. Placements are for a minimum of 14 months. There are academics, vocational training, athletics, and student placement services.

The nation’s oldest correctional facility, Glen Mills was founded in 1826. Several years ago, it completed a transition from a traditional reform school, with emphasis on counseling to a non-traditional school. Today, the operating philosophy is predicated on certain basic premises, including: (1) youth in the schools have unlimited potential to learn and develop, and (2) they are not “bad boys,” that is, not intrinsically bad although they may have committed bad acts; (3) locks and bars are an impediment, not an aid, to security. Growth is expected from peer interaction, not authoritarianism, and the emphasis is on here and now behavior. The past is explored only to the extent necessary to identify behavior patterns, not to uncover developmental roots of psychopathology.

Glen Mills reports that, since the change in philosophy: recidivism was reduced from 90% to 50%; vandalism was eradicated; costs dropped by 30%; and more than 1,000 students earned their GED, with 133 going directly to college. “Frustration and failure has led many states to abandon the large institutional model as ineffective and expensive, but our experience at Glen Mills suggests that it is not large institutions, only their programs, which should be abandoned.” See the book: “Without Locks and Bars,” 1989, Pub/Grissom & Dubnov Praeger.


Administrative Office

P.O. Box 1300

Stephens City, Virginia 22655-1300

Toll Free (888) 955-5205

Tel: (540) 869-0300

Fax: (540) 869-9099

Email: admis@gratfon.org


Grafton offers to people with disabilities: a residential treatment center, community group home services for children and  special education services. Grafton provides services and supports to children and young adults ages 6 – 21. Grafton serves children and youth who have challenging behaviors with co-occurring developmental and/or psychiatric disabilities.

Grafton was founded in 1958 by Ruth Birch, who was concerned about her own son’s future. She put three chairs around her kitchen table and opened a school. Today, Grafton is a nationally-recognized leader in the education of individuals who have severe learning, communication, and behavior disorders. Grafton’s mission is to assist individuals with disabilities, whose options are limited, by providing specialized services that lead to their maximum independence and community inclusion.

Graydon Manor

801 Children’s Center Road

Leesburg, VA 20175

Tel: (703) 777-3485

Fax: (703) 777-4887

URL: www.graydonmanor.org

Residential psychiatric facility providing intensive, intermediate-term psychiatric treatment for boys 7-17 and girls 13-17. Capacity is 61 beds. Also offers therapeutic foster care for children 0-18. Capacity is 10 children/adolescents.

12800 West Creek Parkway

Richmond, Virginia 23238

Tel: (800) 966-4782

Fax: (804) 784-5331
Hallmark Youth Care offers a secure residential treatment program designed to meet the needs of adolescents ages 12 to 17 who are experiencing emotional and behavioral disturbance. The program operates on the belief that providing adolescents with a safe, secure and well-structured environment helps them to learn trust and build healthy relationships. The program strives to teach more effective problem-solving and life management skills to increase self-confidence and personal responsibility.

The program has 84 beds and an average treatment stay of 6-9 months.  An assigned psychiatrist provides coverage 24 hours a day, and program therapists provide individual and family therapy several times each week. Geographically distant family therapy is available.

For further information about services or to make a referral, contact the Clinical Assessment Center which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hallmark Youth Care offers help for families, friends, and clients over the phone and in face-to-face assessments. Call 1-800-966-4RTC (4782) or (804) 784-6432 for assistance



P. O. Box 2742

Norfolk, Virginia 23501

Tel: (757) 440-2749

Offers information and referrals. Sponsors a free support group for parents. Contact person: Betty Wade Coyle.

Pembroke Six, Suite 129

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

Tel: (757) 437-5784

A program of the city’s Community Services Board, this provides: support groups for HIV-positive individuals; referrals for substance treatment; referrals for HIV testing, pre-test and post-test counseling for individuals undergoing HIV testing; educational seminars and home health parties and case management services. Contact persons: Jo Chambers (437-5784).


4211 County St.

Portsmouth, VA 23707

Tel: (757) 397-6352

Fax: (757) 399-2356

Residential facility for individuals ages 4-21 who are mentally retarded; offers recreational programs and counseling for residents and parents.




Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Tel. (757) 437-6232

This is a service of the Virginia Beach Public Schools. When a student is physically or emotionally unable to attend school, and with a physician’s certification of the child’s condition, instruction is given by qualified teachers in the student’s home. It is an extension of the school classroom and all rules, regulations and policies of the Virginia Beach City School System are in effect. Homebound teachers follow the same weekly lesson plans that the student’s class is following, and the goal is to re-integrate the student with his or her class. Grades achieved at home are reported to the schools and recorded on the official school transcript. Contact: Mr. Arthur Taylor, Coordinator, or Mrs. Barbara Senter, Secretary.


3000 North Landing Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Tel: (757) 427-1500

Fax: (757) 430-3968

Christian home for children from distressed family situations e.g. parents who have substance abuse problems, mental illness, or are incarcerated. Accepts children 3 to 18 years old. Children live in a cottage with Christian house parents and can stay until they reach age 18. Will help maturing children enroll in college or a trade school or find a job. The capacity is 40 children and there is no waiting list. Operated by the Union Mission Ministries which accepts no state or federal funding. Exec Director Rev. Ted A. Bashford – Contact: Linda B. Vaughn.


1397 Laskin Road 1015-D Eden Way North

Suite 201Chesapeake, VA 23320

Virginia Beach, VA 23451(757) 436-3838

(757) 422-1188

Biofeedback and neurofeedback for treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD). Psychological assessment and vocational interest testing. For information contact Linda Lookabill, LPC, Director. Visa/MasterCard major health insurance. Staff of 9.


260 Grayson Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: (757) 450-4640

Fax: (757) 459-4643

Jewish Family Service has been serving the Hampton Roads area since 1947 operating a non-profit family service agency. It is a licensed Private Child Placing Agency and assists in adoptions including international adoptions, parental placements, and agency adoptions.

It offers supportive services in the form of individual and family counseling, assessments, and consultations. Support groups are provided for children, adolescents and their families who have experienced the loss of a significant other, a physical illness of a significant other, or divorce, remarriage and life transitions. A children’s support group called Peace by Piece is provided for grieving children and is sponsored by Jewish Family Service and Edmarc Hospice for Children. Another children’s support group called Children in the Middle is provided for children who are struggling with their parents’ divorce. In addition, a psycho educational group called Children Cope with Divorce is available for parents who are trying to help their children cope with a divorce in the family.

Fees are on a sliding scale according to the family’s means. It accepts most major insurance as well as MasterCard and Visa.

It is a member of: Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children, Inc.; Virginia Council of Family Service Agencies; The National Conference of Jewish Communal Service; and National Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies. It is affiliated with: United Jewish Federation of Tidewater, Inc.; National Council of Jewish Women; United Way of South Hampton Roads; United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula; Hebrew Ladies Charity Society; United Way of the Virginia Peninsula; and Tidewater Jewish Foundation.


1500 E. Little Creek Road

Suite 310

Norfolk, VA 23518

Tel: (757) 587-2762


Program serves youth ages 16 – 24. Offers: Vocational training; GED classes; job placement; two-week cash allowance; three-month clothing allowance; basic medical care; room and board. The program lasts 6 months to 2 years. Funded by US Department of Labor. Adults can call direct but, if under 18, parents or guardian must initiate. Problems in criminal background, mental health, physical condition, or substance abuse do not automatically disqualify an applicant.

233-A North Witchduck Rd.

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: 473-1016

For the “re-education” of emotionally disturbed youth, with locations on Windsor Oaks Boulevard and Witchduck Road, this is part of the Southeastern Cooperative Educational Programs (“SECEP”). Special education students are referred by their schools when all their resources have been exhausted. Transportation is provided and students are not permitted to drive or walk to school. A student moves through a highly structured program with six levels of behavior toward the goal of controlling his or her behavior and, as points are accumulated for this, the student may return to the home school.

a program of

The Judeo-Christian Outreach Center

1053 Virginia Beach Blvd.

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

Tel: (757) 491-2846

Sponsored by the Judeo-Christian Center. This program brings children in grades 1 through 5 from Cook and Seatack elementary schools together with volunteer tutors who help them keep up with their class work. The main goal is bonding between the children and the tutor. The children meet at the Center on Monday and Wednesdays and from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. during the winter and on Wednesday from 1030 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the summer. During the winter transportation to the center is provided via City school busses and parents are responsible for picking the children up. During the summer, school bus transportation is available both ways. The current capacity is 20 students. No fee is charged.



P.O. Box 64522

Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Tel: (757) 424-4113

Information and referrals for parents of children with learning disabilities. Contact Suzanne Kumpf at (757) 424-4113.


HAMPTON, VA 23666-2480

Tel: (757) 838-9351

They have a number of programs for people affected by leukemia including patient aid, which provides assistance with treatment and transportation costs, support groups, and information.


The Virginia Beach Public Library has a variety of programs for children and adolescents. The current offering includes:

Summer Reading Club – for children up to 18.

Story times for Preschoolers & Toddlers -

FRED – Families Reading Every Day

Library tours for preschools and daycare centers

Employment of minors as Library Aids

Youth Volunteers

Contact Caroline Caywood at 460-7518 for details.



Regional Office:

Lutheran Family Services

Of Virginia, Inc.

Tidewater Regional Office

1 Mallory St.

Hampton, VA 23663-3044

Tel: (757) 722 4707

Fax: (757) 722 0898
Lutheran Family Services

Of Virginia, Inc.

309 County Street

Bristol Square, Suite 203

Portsmouth, Virginia 23704

Tel: (757) 393-0890

Fax: 393-0178
Lutheran Family Services

Of Virginia, Inc.

9308 Warwick Blvd.

Newport News, VA 23601

(757) 591 3080

Home Based Services – works to keep biological family intact, referrals the community and the courts; Outpatient Services – marriage, family, and individual counseling; Therapeutic Foster Care – permanent and temporary, accepts referrals from DSS, courts, parents, and entrustments (permanent and temporary); Transitional Program – holding program for children until final dispositions are made.


990 Kelso Court

Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Tel: (757) 495-5009

Mentoring, training and tutoring program offered after school and on Saturdays.


6325 North Center Dr, Suite 110

Norfolk, VA 23502

Tel: (757) 461-0183

Fax: (757) 461-0193

Operates a summer camp for children with muscular dystrophy. Executive Director: Michael Anton.
Regional Office Mailing Address:


Navy Region, Mid-Atlantic

1530 Gilbert St.

Suite 2200

Norfolk, VA 23511-2797

Commanding Officer

Naval Weapons Station

Attn: Family Advocacy Program (Code 143)

P.O. Drawer 160

Yorktown, VA 23691-0160 Tel: (757) 887-4301

Fax: (757) 887-4309
Little Creek:

Naval Amphibious Base

Little Creek

1450 D Street

Suite 150

Norfolk, VA


Tel: (757) 462-4277

Fax: (757) 462-7404


Building 531

Virginia Beach, VA 23460-5120

Tel: (757) 433-2555

Fax: (757) 433-2472

Building U-111

1221 Bellinger Blvd.

Norfolk, VA 23511

Tel: (757) 444-2230

Fax: (757) 445-8888

Naval Medical Center

620 John Paul Jones Circle

Portsmouth, VA 23708-5000

Tel: (757) 953-7801

Fax: (757) 953-6092

The Family Advocacy Program assesses allegations of spousal abuse, child abuse, and neglect by service personnel. Program personnel perform assessments and evaluations and make recommendations to the command which can then take administrative and disciplinary action. Their victim service specialists can go with the victims to court. They also do assessments on children who have witnessed violence.

1320 Northwest Blvd.,

Ste. 100

Chesapeake, Virginia 23322-4094

Ph: 421-8770

Fax: 421-8782

Naval Weapons Stn. (Code 14)

799 Powder Keg Lane

Yorktown, VA 23691

Ph: 887 4606
Little Creek:

Naval Base

Little Creek

1450 D Street

Norfolk, VA


Ph: 462-7563

Oceana NAS

1896 Laser Road Suite 120

Virginia Beach, VA 23460-2281

Ph: 433-2912
Dam Neck

488 Sparrow Street

Suites 126 & 127

Virginia Beach, VA 23461

Ph: 492 7150
Newport News

3101 Washington Ave.

Newport News, VA 23607-2787

Ph: 688 6289

8910 Hampton Blvd.

Norfolk, VA 23505-1094

Ph: 444-2102

Serving the military community’s singles, couples, and families Navy Family Services offers a variety of support services through its seven locations. Hours and programs may depend on the location but are generally Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 8:30 pm. Navy Family Services offers the following programs and services to help singles, couples, and families. Educational Programs – Anger and stress management; parenting skills; personal and family support; financial management. Counseling – crisis intervention; short term counseling, assessment and referral. General Assistance – career resource programs, transition assistance; relocation assistance. Information and Referral – resource and hotline information; handouts and brochures; computer based information.

P.O. Box 540

Dillwyn, Virginia 23936

Tel: (434) 983-2051

Fax: (434) 983-2068

With schools in Oldtown, Maryland, and Dillwyn, Virginia, the New Dominion Program is a year-round, residential treatment and academic program for young people aged 11 to 18 who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, and/or academic problems. New Dominion opened a girls’ program at its Dillwyn location in the Fall of 1997. The girls’ facility is totally separate from the boys’ program but is similar in content. Students are referred by parents, mental health professionals, schools, juvenile courts or social services departments. Students live in structured therapeutic groups consisting of ten youths, two counselors, and support staff. Each group has its own campsite. The students design, build, and maintain the structures in which they live. The groups are responsible for planning their weekly schedule of activities. Basic skills in mathematics and language arts are used as the students plan, budget, and build. As a student builds a campsite, he builds himself.

Classes are small, and instruction individualized. A student may work up to grade level or to a G.E.D. diploma or earn an accredited diploma. Family involvement is an important part of the total treatment plan. Also, wilderness trips and special outings provide an opportunity to learn through experience. Individual counseling as well as group meetings are all part of the program. The goal is to return the student to his or her family and community as a responsible and productive individual.

In Virginia, New Dominion is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and is a member of the Virginia Association of Independent Special Education Facilities. It is licensed by the Departments of Correction, Education, Mental Health and Social Services.


P.O. Box 1346

Brattleboro, VT 05302

Tel: (802) 387-2021

URL: www.oakmeadow.com

E-mail: oms@oakmeadow.com

Oak Meadow School was founded in 1975 and offers Home schooling Courses. The curriculum is based on: involving the “whole child,” in the “developmental approach” adapted to each child’s individual learning style. Different enrollment options allow parents to choose whether or not they want teacher support, an Individual Education Plan (IEP), or a portfolio evaluation along with the standard curriculum materials. Serves kindergarten through high school. Graduates receive a high school diploma. Most graduates go on to college and Oak Meadow assists with the necessary preparations for college such as SAT exams, financial aid applications, transcript requests and letters of recommendation.

1900 Baltic Ave.

Virginia Beach, VA 23541

Tel: (757) 491-6211

Full day pre-kindergarten program.  Child must be 4 years of age.  Child enrolled based on the “risk factors” that are present in his/her life at the time of enrollment.


4400 Virginia Beach Blvd.

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: (757) 473-5000

Operated by the Virginia Beach Public Schools Department, this is an alternative placement allowing first-time offenders of the Code of Student Conduct to remain on a regular high school campus if they are pursuing a course of study not available within the school department’s alternative programs. Advanced course work is at Princess Anne High School and other courses are at Career Development Center. To be eligible, a student must not have a history of disciplinary infractions and must not be a threat to others. Transportation is provided.

People with Attention

& Developmental Disabilities

813 Forest Dr Suite 3

Newport News, VA 23601

Tel: (888) 337-2332, (757) 591-9119

Fax: (757) 591-8990

A Community Parent Resource Center funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, PADDA offers low cost assessments for attention deficit disorders, diagnostic referrals, and social skills training for children with disabilities. It also provides training for parents in how to secure public school special education services for their children. Membership fee is $35.


Meeting Location Bayside Presbyterian Church

1400 Ewell Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: (757) 426-1358

Support group for parents who have lost a child or have children with life-threatening illness. Group meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m.


City Wide Program Office

2289 Lynnhaven Parkway

Virginia Beach, VA

Tel: (757) 471 5884

Program Activities

The Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation Department operates scores of programs for children through its neighborhood recreation centers. Catalogs listing the classes and activities offered are available at the Recreation Centers.


Tel: (757) 967-9251

Peace by Piece is a grief support group for children and teens, ages 5-18 who have experienced a significant loss. These losses include the death of a parent, grandparent, sibling, or other loved ones.  The group meets two Thursday evenings a month in Virginia Beach. Please contact Anne Chisman, Edmarc’s Bereavement Program Director, at (757) 967-9251 to register.


2473 North Landing Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Tel: (757) 427-4537

Pendleton’s mission is re-educating children ages 5-12 who are experiencing behavioral problems at home or at school, characterized by aggression, defiance, lying, stealing, temper tantrums, poor peer relations and failure to perform school work. There is no cost to the parent; however the school expects the parent to invest time participating in its programs. Some students reside at the school, others are in day treatment only, still others participate in just the outside services.

To access the services, one must: complete a referral packet; attend an intake appointment; meet with a Pendleton counselor; and develop a treatment plan. The referral packet can be picked up at any elementary or middle school, the Juvenile Court Service Unit or online at www.vbgov.com/dept/hs/pendleton.com

Parent counseling – including marital counseling as needed;

Family Therapy;

Behavior Management Training – teaches parents how to set up and enforce behavior contracts with children;

School Consultations – staff observes student at school, meets with teachers, advocates for special education services and assists in developing a 504 plan;

Parent Skill Training Groups – a 6 to 8 week program that meets once a week.

Day treatment operates 12 months a year, providing an academic program while addressing the child’s emotional and behavioral needs. There are no more than 6 children in the program at a time and the waiting list is generally 2 – 5 months. The average length of stay is 3 months. Parents must provide transportation. A child who is highly aggressive or is sexually acting out may not be accepted if the child’s presence puts other children at risk.

Children may arrive as early as 7 am and stay as late as 6 pm. The counselor meets with the child’s referring school teacher to coordinate lesson plans and achievement tests are regularly given to measure progress. The children go on field trips and volunteer at he SPCA; they also use The Recreation Department’s Therapeutic Recreation Division. After completing treatment, the children are transitioned back to their home schools.


All services provided to day treatment children are also provided to residential children, but at a higher level of intensity. The maximum number of residents is 24 but children who are 12 count as two slots. Children may go home on weekends.


The Residential Treatment Center

350 Poplar Drive

Petersburg, Virginia 23805

Tel: (804) 733-6874, (804) 748-7490

Fax: (804) 861-5625

The Residential Treatment Center at Poplar Springs Hospital offers long term treatment for male and female adolescents aged 11-21 with psychiatric conditions that require more than short term hospitalizations or outpatient care as part of our continuum of behavioral healthcare services The Residential Treatment Center is designed to accommodate adolescents with emotional, behavioral, neuro-psychiatric or psychological problems, as well as physical or sexual abuse issues.

The Center provides a positive, structured and caring environment which is conducive to individual growth, development and the learning of new response styles. Its staff promote positive adaptive behaviors while providing redirection and coping strategies for problematic behaviors. Believing that family involvement is the cornerstone of successful treatment, the Center offers a program of Family Therapy, Weekend programming, and services for those families geographically distant from the facility. It strives to help each resident learn to take responsibility for themselves, to build self-esteem, and to learn positive personal and interpersonal skills. The ultimate goal is for the adolescent to return home or to an independent living situation, better equipped to manage life in a more positive and constructive manner.

The Residential Treatment Center provides a systematic therapeutic environment to help the adolescent identify problems and possible solutions. They actively participate in developing their treatment program, as well as establishing personal goals and direction for treatment. The program entails individual and group activities including: individual and group therapy; family therapy and parenting groups; weekend family programming; geographically distant family therapy; sexual abuse groups (separated for boys and girls); addictions awareness and substance abuse education groups; life skills instruction and activities; psycho-educational groups; extensive activity therapy with community outings; accredited academic education on a 12 month basis; special issues groups for boys, girls and abuse survivors; discharge readiness group.

The Daybreak Program is targeted at adolescent males between the ages of 11 and 17 who have a problem with sexually aggressive behavior, and require a residential setting that is secure and self-contained.

The 30 to 60 day assessment/treatment program is for children and adolescents who are in need of a complete evaluation to determine psychiatric treatment needs. The program may serve to stabilize symptoms or behaviors in a locked inpatient hospital setting. Assessments will assist in determining the appropriate level of care for the client while also providing assistance with discharge planning needs.

The Residential Treatment Center has a capacity of 44 beds and a seasonal waiting list. The Daybreak Program has a capacity of 18 beds and an ongoing waiting list. The 30-60 day program has a capacity of 10 beds and a seasonal waiting list.

For further information about the Residential Treatment Center at Poplar Springs Hospital, call the patient access line at (804) 796-2100. For the initial call, it is helpful to have information about problem behaviors, previous treatment, current medical problems and psychiatric insurance information. Also required are preadmission screening of pertinent records such as most recent History and Physical, Immunization Records, Psychiatric Evaluation, Psychological and Educational Evaluations, and Discharge Plan. This clinical information is reviewed by a member of the medical staff to determine the appropriateness of Poplar Springs as the treatment placement for each referral.

The Residential Treatment Center is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), is an approved provider to the Commonwealth of Virginia, and is a TRICARE approved facility.


Laskin Rd Annex

1413  Laskin Rd.

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Tel: (757) 437-6533

Screening and assessment for disabilities for children ages 2-5.


4400 Virginia Beach Blvd.

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: (757) 519-9988

Operated by the Virginia Beach Public Schools, this is a middle school and high school program for pregnant students who may attend until 6 weeks after the date of delivery. Pregnant students in lower grades should contact the Homebound Office (474-8623). Referral to Princess Anne Center requires written medical confirmation of pregnancy and referral by the home school. Transportation is provided.

Pembroke Office Park

Pembroke Six, Suite 129

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

Tel: (757) 473-5783

A service of the city’s Community Services Board, Project Link offers services for: mothers, pregnant women, and women who are of child-bearing age, if these women are affected either directly or indirectly by substance abuse problems. Project Link offers counseling, transportation, child care, support services, case management and workshops. Contact persons are Cleriece Whitehill (437-5783).


P.O. Box 26008

Alexandria, VA 22313

Tel: (703) 548-8334

Fax: (703) 548-3417

Operates 7 residential programs for children and adolescents. Two short-term (90-day) diagnostic programs offer evaluation of children in foster care pending disposition. Each program has an 8-bed capacity for a total of 16 and males and females are accepted.

Two long-term foster care programs accept adjudicated and non-adjudicated youth ages 13 to 17. Each program has a 6-bed capacity. One program is for females and the other is for males.

Two independent living programs offer transitional care for youths ages 17 to 21. The “LIFT” program is a federally funded transition program for runaway and homeless children. The “LIFT II” program is intended to assist children who have been in foster care make the transition to adulthood and independent living. Each program has a 10-bed capacity.

Also offers a long-term residential program for teenage mothers and their children. Program capacity is 6 persons: 3 mothers and 3 children.

Contact Deanne Mullins, Director of Residential Programs.


5265 Providence Road, Suite 402

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464

Tel: (757) 456-1572

Fax: (757) 495-6769

Resource Guidance Services, Inc., was established in 1982 to provide counseling and educational services, by licensed professionals, to individuals and families who are struggling with problems in their lives. Services include: crisis intervention, individual and family counseling, marital counseling, family violence counseling, substance abuse services, stress management, career testing, parenting classes, and retreat facilitators. Ongoing groups include: divorce recovery, codependency, and spiritual development.

Fees are individually negotiated. Health insurance often covers some costs. For 24-hour paging, call 552-6401.

Other offices are located in Suffolk, Richmond, Chesterfield, South Hill and Hopewell. Expanded services in Richmond include art therapy, speech therapy, psychological testing and evaluation plus ongoing groups which include: men’s relationship skills, sexual abuse recovery, sexual offenders treatment, parents of disabled children, parent education, adopted children, foster children, women’s issues. Classes for home-schooled students are available in many subjects including foreign language and math. For services in Richmond, call (800) 296-2309 and press 1, or (804) 751-4547.

5215 Colley Ave.

Norfolk, VA 23508

Tel: (757) 623-2115

Hotline: (757) 622-4300

Fax: (757) 625-1946

Support services for victims of sexual assault and incest, and adults who were molested as children. Provides companions to victims at court appearances and in hospital emergencies. Support groups in five cities in TW area. Individual counseling available by appointment.


6171 Kempsville Circle

Norfolk, VA 23502

Tel: (757) 622-2208

Fax: (757) 627 5314

Residential care and services to children with severe physical and mental handicaps, aged 0-18. Capacity is 88.


2293 Lynnhaven Parkway

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

Tel: 471-0140

Salem House is a temporary (not exceeding 60 days) residential care facility for males and females 13-17 years old. The capacity is 12 beds. The environment is homelike and offers supportive services including an in-house school program. Agencies participating in Family Assessment and Planning Teams refer youths by a court order or placement agreement accompanied with a purchase of services order. The facility is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Occasionally staff members and residents may have to leave the facility. When this happens, leave messages at 459-7486. Director is Elaine Smith.


Tel: (757) 430-2642

Hotline: (757) 430-2120

Shelter for battered women and children. 10 different houses available. Can stay up to 45 days. Children’s Program Advocate: Faye Miles. Two partial days of child care for mother’s to attend group. Weekend activities all year and summer activities available for children. Children can only be housed with mother.

BOYS- 642 N. Lynnhaven Road

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452

Tel: (757) 498-4673

Hotline: (757) 498-4357

GIRLS- 465 Kings Grant Rd.

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452

Tel: (757) 306-1840

Hotline: (757) 498 5357


Candidates for residential services must be 12-17 years of age, not married or emancipated, and not being sought for criminal charges, drug-dependent. The source of funds is from federal grants and private donations. Seton House is a private non-profit organization.

Seton House is a runaway shelter that also accepts court referrals in court cases involving runaways or minor charges such as curfew violations. It is a two-week program that is primarily for crisis intervention and referrals. The primary goals are to reunite families, to break the runaway cycle, and to help empower the adolescent and the family with the skills they will need to continue the resolution process. Seton House offers individual, group and family counseling, referral information and a 24-hour hotline.

Cost is $120.00 per day; however, no one will be denied admission because of inability to pay. Referrals are accepted from child, parent, police, school, private and public agencies.

Seton House is licensed by Commonwealth of Virginia Interdepartmental Licensure and Certification.


960 Windsor Oaks Blvd

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: (757) 495-0582

Provides services for students, preschool through age 21, who are severely mentally retarded and with behavior disorders, severely emotionally disturbed or autistic.


Tel: (757) 427-4024

Operated by the city’s Community Services Board, the Supportive Housing Program provides long-term transitional housing to recovering addicts. Staff works with each resident to help move him or her toward independent living. Budgeting, decision-making and other skills are taught.


2551 Almeda Avenue

Norfolk, VA 23513

Tel: (757) 858-1360

This organization operates 24 head start programs in its building for three and four year olds. Also offers pre-school day care, before and after school care, drop in for holidays. Care program accepts children up to 14 years old. STOP is non profit.


9302 Warwick Boulevard

Newport News, Virginia 23601

Tel: (757) 244-FREE (3733)

Fax: (757) 244 3252

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is a long-term, live-in program that works with male juveniles thirteen to seventeen years of age using a structured, Christian environment to help troubled teens beat their alcohol and drug addictions.

Teen Challenge is a complete resource where young people can turn for help. Besides Christian discipleship classes, support groups, and individual counseling, the young people are placed in a Christian academy. While being set free from the addiction to drugs and alcohol, they are being educated. This means that while in Teen Challenge, they are earning credits toward their high school diplomas; some have even received their high school diplomas from this Christian academy and are now in college with academic scholarships.

Services offered by Teen Challenge include: group counseling; family counseling; individual counseling; full curriculum; private academy; 24 hour supervision.


Pembroke Corporate Center III

4452 Corporation Lane

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

Tel: (757) 518-2700

Fax: (757) 518-2641

The Virginia Beach Department of Public Health operates this service for young women.


830 Southhampton Ave

Suite 2093

Norfolk, VA 23510

Tel: (757) 683-8770

Fax: (757) 683-9211

Diagnostic services for individuals aged 3-21, who are suspected of developmental disorders or developmental delay, mental retardation, hyperactivity, learning problems, behavior disorders or emotional problems. Sliding fee scale. Operated by the Virginia State Dept. of Health.


Virginia Beach at Kempsville Center

233 North Witchduck Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: (757) 456-5231 Ext. 26

Operated by the Southeastern Cooperative Educational Program (“SECEP”) and serving regional school districts, TRAEP accepts special education and other students in grades 6 to 12 who are referred by the school board throughout the year after being expelled or suspended from other schools. It also serves students who are returning from incarceration. The staff determines when a student is ready to exit based on attendance, behavior, and grades. The core curriculum is augmented by a self-paced computer curriculum. Transportation is provided. The instruction adheres to the state Standards of Learning.

2404 Airline Blvd.

Portsmouth, VA 23701

Tel: (757) 436-1503

Operated by the Tidewater Regional Group Home Commission, the TRFGH System places youths aged 15 to 17 in therapeutic foster care and prepares them for independent living situations. A maximum of two youths are placed in the homes of trained professional family group home parents. A natural home setting provides the youth with a model for family living as well as the support and structure needed to learn independent living skills. The parents and staff help the youth develop his or her independent living skills in order to achieve independence from the courts or social service systems. Each youth must either work or attend school or a vocational school. Whenever there is a natural family involved, the parents and staff will help the youth and family in the reunification process, when appropriate. Contact is: Director Elva Stokes.

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Provides several programs for youth at risk.

Tidewater Regional Center

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United Methodist Family Services has been serving children, families, and individuals since 1900 with programs offering a range of services. Fees are assessed on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. There is no fee for pregnancy counseling. When available, adoption grants make some services possible at no cost. Champus, Blue Cross, and other insurance companies accepted.

COUNSELING SERVICES — For individuals, families, adoptive families, and pregnancy-related.

CHILD PLACEMENT SERVICES — Referrals accepted from agencies and from birth parents, international placements are arranged, special needs children are offered a variety of services, and therapeutic foster care is arranged.

To ease these transitions, UMS offers its conflict mediation, in-home services, residential treatment, Charterhouse School, and Independent Living programs.

The treatment foster care program, the Bridge Family Program, is designed to provide stable, therapeutic family environments to children, ages 0 to 17. Typically, these children have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, and/or neglect. Children served in this program are emotionally, behaviorally, mentally, physically, or medically challenged. Initially, the Bridge Family Program was developed in response to crises in adoptive families where adoptions were at risk of disrupting. Although adopted children continue to receive priority, all children in need of services will be considered.

Specialized training, intensive support, and an income supplement are provided to Bridge Families of Tidewater and on the Peninsula to enable them to work with these children and adolescents. Permanency planning, tailored to the needs of each child, plays an integral role in the Bridge Family Program. The goals may include return to the adoptive family, recruiting a new adoptive family in collaboration with our Special Needs Adoption Program, or return to the birth family.

Services: recruitment, training, and home studies; pre-placement assessments; I-weekly home visits with family social worker; ongoing supportive services; behavioral management consultations; child therapy with agency therapist (billed to Medicaid); 24 hour crisis intervention services; permanency planning services; respite services.



A Division of Centra Health

3300 Rivermont Avenue

Lynchburg, Virginia 24503

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Centra Health is a private, non-profit healthcare system in Lynchburg, Virginia that includes two med-surge hospitals. Mental Health Services is a division of Virginia Baptist Hospital. At Centra Health’s Mental Health Services we offer a full continuum of care for children, adolescents and adults with psychiatric and chemical dependency disorders. Our programs include: emergent and non-emergent evaluation, acute psychiatric services, residential services for children and adolescents, chemical dependency services for adults, outpatient psychiatric and counseling services, and special education schools.

Bridges Treatment Center – Bridges Treatment Center in Lynchburg operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for children and adolescents who need structured residential care. The program provides assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders. Each resident receives an individualized treatment plan that defines the treatment, the staff to carry it out, and the criteria for discharge

Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Program – Located at Virginia Baptist Hospital, our inpatient and outpatient programs treat children and adolescents who need immediate, intensive help with severe emotional and behavioral problems.  Designed to provide short-term, acute inpatient care for children ages five through 17, the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Program offers crisis stabilization, diagnostic evaluation, focused therapy, daytime treatment and further referral.

Our multidisciplinary team uses a systems approach to therapy that recognizes the relationship between biological, psychological, and social aspects of development and functioning. Our program helps young people and their families identify their own resources and limitations and learn to rely on their personal strengths to resolve problems.
Rivermont School -  Rivermont School-Roanoke Valley has expanded its facility and services in a relocation designed to serve a maximum of 70 students from Roanoke, Botetourt, Bedford, Salem and Franklin County. Part of Centra Health’s Rivermont Schools system, Rivermont School-Roanoke Valley offers a special education program for school-age children experiencing behavioral and emotional problems.

273 No. Witchduck Road

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Operated by he Virginia Beach Public School Department, CDC is a secondary-level alternative school offering academic, behavioral and vocational classes to students who have for numerous causes not succeeded in conventional high schools. Students ride the bus from their neighborhood to their home school, then they ride a shuttle bus from each of the nine high schools to CDC. It serves four categories of students:

Alternative Students – who are at least 16 and in the ninth grade or above, classified as “at risk,” and working toward a high school diploma. Upon graduation, the diploma is issued by the student’s home school.

Special Educational/Vocational Students – who are receiving special education at a high school for half the day and attending CDC for half the day. These students must have had a vocational evaluation during tenth grade been recommended for placement in a vocational program. Accommodations for special needs are made.

Half-Day Vocational Students – are high school level (usually 10th grade or higher) who take academic classes at a high school in the city for half the day and take a vocational class at CDC the other half of the day.

School Board Placement Students – are referred throughout the year for disciplinary reasons and do not take vocational classes initially and are placed on a Behavioral Levels system.


Pembroke Corporate Center III

4452 Corporation Lane

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: (757) 518-2620

Outreach intake assessment and referral tomaternal child/parent support services; dental clinic for children ages 3-17; WIC program; family health services; communicable diseases.


2307 Millwood Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23454

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For children aged 0-3, with developmental delays or disabilities. Provides screening, evaluation, and educational classes for parents and children addressing fine and gross motor skills, speech, and individual needs. Parents must participate.

Occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech (oral/motor feeding), offered on a fee for service basis. Must live in Virginia Beach.

Contact person Linda Eggleston, Coordinator.


2425 Nimmo Parkway Building 10A

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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The Court Services Unit is comprised of Intake, Probation and Parole.  The Intake Unit is responsible for the filing of civil petitions (child custody, visitation, child/spousal support, protective orders, Emergency Removal Orders, Preliminary Protective Orders) and criminal petitions.  In addition, the Intake Unit is responsible for conducting detention screenings to determine if a juvenile needs to be placed in a detention facility or a shelter care facility.  The Probation and Parole units complete social history investigations for the Court, monitor youth’s behavior at and in the community and refer youths and families for appropriate services.


1100 First Colonial Rd

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Tel: 1-866-873-2647

Child/Children must reside in Virginia, under the age of 19, are a U.S. citizen, must be currently uninsured and have been without health insurance for the last 4 months, child cannot have access to a State Employee Health Plan.


Tel: (800) 756 6167 (Richmond)

Web site: www.vefc.org

Volunteer Emergency Families for Children’s (VEFC) mission is helping young children and youth in-crisis. VEFC recruits, trains, and supports volunteers who provide short-term shelter care and mentoring to abused, neglected, runaway, homeless, and at-risk children and youth throughout Virginia.


3515 Race Street

Portsmouth, Virginia 23707

Tel: 397-5371
The facility serves up to 12 male youths aged 12 to 17 who are at risk of delinquent behavior.  Residents attend the Portsmouth Public Schools.  Contact: Paul Greggs.


759 Grandby Street

Norfolk, VA 23510

Tel: (757) 623-2627

Parent education and support group; crisis services to runaway youth; conflict mediation, individual and family short-term crisis counseling; STEP Teens Training.


Rte. 2, Box 277

Cumberland, Virginia 23040

Tel: (804) 492-3113

Youth Transitions, Inc., is a private, non-profit entity for treatment of chemical dependency needs of male adolescents aged 13 to 17 in an in-patient setting. Licensed and certified by Virginia’s Departments of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, Substance Abuse, Education, and Social Services, YTI has an eight-bed facility in a ranch-style home on 10 rural acres.

The treatment period is 30 to 120 days. Services include group and individual counseling (12-step, AA, NA), a behavioral management program, a casework management program, life skills instruction, family counseling, medical/dental/psychological services, aftercare planning and support.

Home-bound education provided daily during a three-hour period by a certified teacher meets the needs of each student, allowing them to keep pace with their grade or GED efforts. Two hours a day are for structured recreation, and five hours a day are for treatment via individual, group or special activities.

Individual treatment plans are worked out by the client and counselor, with family input, as is discharge planning (which may include pre-arranged community resources for education, housing and employment). Aftercare services are established by YTI as needed for continued support.

Family involvement is considered crucial to the teen’s treatment success, and families are taught about the addictive process with emphasis on “family systems,” the need for aftercare, the triggers of relapse, and community resources.

Referral sources include: Court Services Units, Social Services, Community Service Boards, and private referrals. The per diem is $77. Youth Transition is an open facility and not appropriate for persons who are homicidal, suicidal, violent, a sex offender, an arsonist, severely emotionally disturbed.

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